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Looking to get your hands dirty in the art of ceramics? The School of Art + Design’s ceramics major is dedicated to providing undergraduates the artistic space, physical skill, and intellectual depth that they’ll need to succeed as contemporary studio artists.

As a student of ceramics at the School of Art + Design, you'll become adept at working with ancient techniques as well as contemporary technologies. We ask you to engage a wide range of aesthetic philosophies as you carve out a place for yourself in the critical dialogue of today's art world. In the studio, you'll work closely with peers and professors as you take risks, develop unique ideas, and create substantial works of art.

Our mission is to teach students the meaning of intellectual, visual, and ethical excellence. Our accessible faculty and comprehensive ceramics facility provide students the space and guidance to develop into accomplished artists and thinkers. We allow each student to develop a personal visual language, an ability to perceive works of art critically, and a mastery of the technical skills of ceramics. Introductory courses allow students to hone their basic skills, while advanced courses provide the opportunity for more rigorous and specialized examinations of ceramics.

Our curriculum emphasizes the brand of professional training that will prepare you to proceed as a self-sustaining studio artist.

Ceramics Curriculum Requirements

The curriculum in ceramics emphasizes specialized training for the development of the self-sustaining craftsman, the teacher of ceramics, and the designer-craftsman in industry. As you deepen your knowledge of ceramics, we encourage you to explore the traditions and techniques of other artistic mediums. The curriculum combines ceramics courses with Art + Design foundation courses, courses in related crafts, art history courses, electives, and general education units required by the university.

Crafts-Ceramics degree requirements are listed under the College of Fine and Applied Arts on the University of Illinois Programs of Study website.


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