Graphic Design

Joe Carpenter

OXI BRUH (harris pilton, rush week) color photo, 2016
Interests: Satire
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Qing He

12 Animals, Color Print, 11x17 inches. 2014.
Interests: I am interested in User Interface design, illustration and creating engaging and gaming experience of learning.

Si-ze Ma

You are on the other side of the world
Interests: UI/UX, culture, printmaking

Ruchita Mandhre

Spice Cards, Hand-made spice infused paper, letter size, Fall 2015
Interests: Indian Culture, Sensory Cognition, Experience Design, Culture and Critique, Paper Making

Zack Tucker

Who's that in the orange jacket? Mr. Hip!, 18"x24", 2016
Interests: Speculative Design, Media Ethics,  Parasocial Interaction, Affirmations, Self-Worth, New Technology, Multimedia, Design Pedagogy
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Industrial Design

Rishabh Doshi

Workstation for Primary Health Care workers (rural Bihar, India), Bihar Innovation Lab
Interests: Design of Medical Devices, Design for Social Impact, Sustainable Design, Systems Thinking
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Rachel Flood Heaton


Geared concept prototype for weeding appliance, 2015
Interests: engineering and design collaboration, aesthetic experience, user experience design, cognitive science, sustainable product design

Edwin S. Cho

Dorm Life, Traditional, 11.67 in x 8.38 in, 08/25/2014
Interests: Graphic Design, 3D CAD Modeling, Drawing Cartoons, Manufacturing, Guitar
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Gina Taylor

Prototypes of an assistive device for arthritis, Spring 2016.
Interests: Medical devices, therapeutic sexual aids, women's health, human-centered design, empathic design



Connor Dyer

Reliquary for Fuchsia Sacrificed to the Birds, mixed metals and media, 4"X4", 2016
Interests: Science fiction, fantasy, reliquaries, metals, enamel

Evin Dubois

Flap Flap (Gestures from Within), Plaster, Steel, Feathers, Chicken Wire, Costume Wings, 2016
Interests: Sculpture, Adornment/ Dress, Masculinity, Queer Representation and Desire, Identity Construction, Angels
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Painting, Sculpture, New Media

Nicole Brunel

Perfect. Crazy. Boss. Video/installation. 4' x 4' x 4'. 2016.
Interests: Humor, Social Justice, Collage, Archaeology, Queer of Color Critique, Archives
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Courtney Cross

Never Turn Your Back On The Ocean (detail), mixed media, dimensions variable, 2015
Interests: painting, printmaking, drawing, dance, rocks, blobs
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Cory Imig

Curtain 2.0, ribbon, wood, vinyl, paint and hardware, 8' x 12', 2016
Interests: textile, installation, minimalism, material, time, archive
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Mitchell Oliver

Foodlab Workshop: Jackson Middle School, archival pigment print, 2015
Interests: time, space, image, people, memory, consumption
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Preetika Rajgariah

Nationalist, glitter on silk, 30" x 45", 2016
Interests: migration, diaspora, cultural identity, colonialism, nationalism, capitalism
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Karen J Spiering

40 Hour Dollar, Handmade burlap paper lunch bags, 6" x 11" x 5", 2015
Interests: painting, printmaking, installation, deep knowing of place, nature, labor, weeds
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Liza Sylvestre

_ommuni_a_ion, video performance, 18 min 17 sec, 2016
Interests: multidisciplinary, video, performance, poetry, communication, language, painting
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