Use the Advanced 3D Print Request form to submit job requests!

Beginning Fall 2017, all requests for 3D print jobs for the Stratasys and the Form 2 will be made via the online form.  

After you submit this request, you will receive an automated email reply. A print estimate with the estimated cost and projected start time for your print should be expected within 1-2 business days. After you receive this estimate, you must confirm the estimate to reserve your place in the queue within 24 hours. If you confirm the estimate after 24 hours, the cost will likely remain accurate, but the projected start time may change. You will be notified of the revised start time, but it will be considered automatically confirmed, unless you respond with a cancellation prior to the start time of the print.

Finished jobs can be picked up at the Digital Output Support desk.

Printer Supported Media Price
Stratasys Dimension Elite     ABS Filament

$2.50/cubic in.

Form 2 Various Resins (clear, castable, flexible)    

Varies by material ($.25 - $.40/ml)