Graphic Design

Brock Landrum


Peregrination, Risograph Print, 2017
Interests: Post Internet, Authenticity, Methods of Making and Design Pedagogy
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Ruchita Mandhre

Spice Cards, Hand-made spice infused paper, letter size, Fall 2015
Interests: Indian Culture, Sensory Cognition, Experience Design, Culture and Critique, Paper Making

Miriam Salah

Dream Not, Ariel

Dream Not, Ariel, Printmaking, 5x7, Oct. 2017
Interests: food and design, culture, design research, typographic matchmaking, branding, printmaking
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Zack Tucker

Who's that in the orange jacket? Mr. Hip!, 18"x24", 2016
Interests: Speculative Design, Media Ethics,  Parasocial Interaction, Affirmations, Self-Worth, New Technology, Multimedia, Design Pedagogy
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Informatics (PhD)

Priscilla Ferronato

My research interest is related to the relationship between design, technology and society. In creating affordable, meaningful, and sustainable solutions to the problems we, as individuals and as society, face on our daily basis. Therefore, I am researching a data visualization system for multiple interpretation support in design.

William Gillespie


Interests: literary design, visualization of narrative, literary arts

Monica Porteanu


Interests: decision ethnography, futures and anticipatory thinking, strategy, cognition models, human factors - to drive progress of individual and collective members of the global society