Chris Beaty


Untitled, Oil on canvas on panel, 48"x36", 2016
Interests: Painting, drawing, collage
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Dulcee Boehm

Ride Maybe, Ride

Ride Maybe, Ride
Interests: social practice, country culture, food, animal studies, horse shows, sequins
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Nicole Brunel

Good Game Shower

Good Game Shower (collaboration with Mitchell Oliver), wood, tile, grout, joint compound, pipe, acrylic paint, water bottles, gatorade, 7' x 4' x 4', 2017.
Interests: Humor, horror, bodies, freedom
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Kathleen Patricia Durkin

Where Things Have Been, Have Always Been

Where Things Have Been, Have Always Been (Video Still from Installation) 2017
Interests: Installation, Video, Female Inheritance, Cognitive Diversity Interspecies Engagement, Creature Care, Material Care, Interdependency
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Cory Imig

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Park, archival print, 24"x13", 2017
Interests: space, place, material, archive, installation
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Sara Kramer

A Good Friend

A Good Friend (detail), Acrylic on Yupo, 60"x76", 2017
Interests: painting, dry media, new materialism, critical theory
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Rachel Lindsay-Snow

Reimagining Spaces-As Symbols-Of Fear

reimagining spaces--as symbols--of fear, (partial image of installation), 2017
Interests: materiality, repetition/ritual, poetry, space, collecting, circles
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Mitchell Oliver


LTR, documentation of performance at 1067PP, 2017
Interests: participation, performance, signal, noise, site, "community"
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Preetika Rajgariah

Nationalist, glitter on silk, 30" x 45", 2016
Interests: migration, diaspora, cultural identity, colonialism, nationalism, capitalism
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Liza Sylvestre

The Conversation

The Conversation (still), video installation, 18.17, 2016
Interests: Sensory experience, communication, language, public art
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