We are fortunate to have more than 8,000 living alumni. We enjoy being in contact with them and learning about their impressive, vital work as they make a difference in the world. We’re eager to hear from more School of Art + Design graduates. Are you one of our alumni?

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With the backing and support of the College of Fine and Applied Arts, we are making a concerted effort to reach out and make connections with as many of our alumni as possible. We have heard from amazing individuals who have shared their unique perspectives and stories that reflect their paths to success after leaving the University of Illinois and anecdotes about professors and fellow students who inspired them, challenged them, and mentored them.

Our alumni epitomize our proud history and provide the impetus for our future success. The School of Art + Design plays a key role in keeping the importance of the creative process in the forefront in our society. This is a result of extraordinary work being done by our alumni.

Alumni reunion 2013 Art + Design Alumni Reunion

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Art Education

Art History


Graphic Design

Industrial Design

Studio Art, New Media, and Photography

Distinguished Alumni

In 2010, the School of Art + Design established a distinguished alumni award to be conferred to alumni on the basis of their accomplishments to their fields and communities.


Laura Milas, Art Education

Sarah Burns, Art History

Gabriel Usadel, Design

Phyllis Bramson, Studio


Shauna Carey, Art Education

Robert Ousterhout, Art History

John Klotnia, Design

Carolee Schneeman, Studio


Greg Petecki, Art Education

Lisa Wainwright, Art History

Walter Herbst, Design

Arline Fisch, Studio


Anna Kindler, Art Education

William Wallace, Art History

Jerome Caruso, Design

Tom Kalin, Studio

J. Fred Woell, Studio


Cathie Bleck, Design

Greg Holderfield, Design

Leo Segedin, Studio

Jim Wicks, Design


William Wegman, Studio


Kerry Freedman, Art Education


Lisa Erf, Painting


Louise Fishman, Painting


Hal Fischer, Painting


Bea Nettles, Photography


2018 College of Fine and Applied Arts Distinguished Legacy Award

Anton (Tony) Majeri Jr.

2019 College of Fine and Applied Arts Emerging Legacy Award

Yvette Mayorga