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Independent Lab Access Request

Submit an Independent Lab Access Request to request independent access to the Art + Design facilities.

As of Fall 2020, Independent Access for non-A+D students has been temporarily suspended due to limited lab capacity. If you are an A+D student, but you don’t currently have access to A+D laboratories through course enrollment, and want to request Independent Access, you may complete this form to gain access to A+D Labs.

Access Problems/Questions

Submit the A+D Access Problem/Question form to report issues with door access to A+D Facilities or to ask questions about your Art + Design Facilities access.

Facility-Specific Support Forms

Facilities Support/Maintenance

Use the facility-specific forms above to report issues in specific labs or studios. If you aren't sure which form to use, submit the Facilities Support/Maintenance form with any questions regarding equipment, technology, building issues, or maintenance requests in any Art + Design facility.

Classroom Reservation (Instructors Only)

Submit the Classroom Reservaton form to request a reservation for a classroom space outside of your normally scheduled room.

Technology Services

Contact Technology Services with any questions regarding office technical support, network support, and other computing-related issues.

Website Request

Fill out the Website Request Form to report any problems, request a faculty or staff account, or make requests regarding the A+D website.