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Students who have been registered within the previous three terms will be assigned a time at which they are authorized to register for classes. Newly admitted students are required to attend Summer Registration, where they will meet their advisor and register for classes.

Time Tickets

Time ticket assignments are based on the number of hours completed (including current enrolled hours) and special group identification, according to campus policy. Priority registration times will be spread over three weeks. Students may register or adjust their schedule any time after their assigned time ticket through the first day of classes without penalty. Students are encouraged to register as soon as possible after their time ticket allows to retain priority. Visit the Office of the Registrar for registration days and times.

Registration Forms

Spring 2019 Art + Design Course Offering

(Last updated 11/01)

List opens in Box.  Click Download – Enable Editing = Filters

List can be Filtered by the following fields:

  • Program: ART = Non-Majors, CH = Campus Honors, Allen = Living Learning, FD = Fashion Design
  • Restriction: AD = Art+Design, O = Open, CH = Campus Honors, U1 = Unit 1
  • Minor: courses that have seats open for Art+Design Minors
  • Open: courses that have seats open to campus
  • Open Later: courses that will open to campus, Tuesday, November 20


Spring 2019 Art + Design Course Highlights (Courses Open to Art + Design Majors)

Spring 2019 Art + Design Course Highlights (Courses Open to Campus)