Tutorial - Printing from Photoshop CC to Epson Inkjet Printers (Windows)

Printing from Photoshop CC to Epson Inkjet Printers in Windows

Before you begin: Work locally. Always start by moving your file to the desktop. Opening and printing files from a USB (or other) drive can create problems.

All jobs sent to any lab printers (inkjet or laser) must be released in Papercut before they will be sent to the printer.


1 Open your file in Adobe Photoshop CC. Make sure that your colorspace is RGB

Note: If your document is not RGB, go to Edit>Convert to Profile and set the Destination Space to RGB>Adobe RGB (1998)


Fig 1 - A JPG file in the RGB colorspace



Fig 2 - Image Rotation

2 Size and orient your file as you would want it to print and know your image dimensions. Your file will print as it is oriented on-screen in Photoshop. If you need to rotate your file, navigate to Image>Image Rotation.

Check your image size by navigating to Image>Image Size.


3 Navigate to File>Print. Select a printer from the Printer dropdown menu. Make sure the printer has an RGB extension.

Do not use the portrait/landscape orientation buttons to rotate your image. They should always be set to portrait. If you need to rotate your image refer to step 2.

The inkjet printers can only print one copy at a time. If you need to print multiple copies of an image you will have to send the print multiple times.


Fig 3 - Printer Selection


4 Click the Print Settings button. If needed click Show Details to expand the window.


Fig 4 - Layout Options and Print Settings Button



Fig 5 - Printer Settings


Fig 6 - Custom Paper Sizes

5 In the Paper Size dropdown menu, select Postscript Custom Page Size

6 Set the Width and Height to the size of your document.

Click OK until you are back at the print menu.


7 Check the preview in the Print Menu to be sure that your document is laid out correctly and not being cut off. (Don’t worry if the preview looks pixelated, this is normal).

Select Photoshop Manages Colors from the Color Management dropdown menu.

Select Adobe RGB (1998) from the Printer Profile menu.

Select Perceptual from the Rendering Intent dropdown menu.

Click Print.


Fig 7 - Print Menu 


8 When your document has reached Papercut, you will see a pop-up notification window.

Follow the Releasing Prints from Papercut instructions to release your print.

Remember to check the print cost before releasing the print – it can be a great indicator if something is wrong with the size of your print.


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