2016 School of Art + Design, Master of Fine Arts Exhibition. April 9 through April 23, 2016 in the Krannert Art Museum

This year’s MFA exhibition is the culmination of three years of work by graduates in Industrial Design, Metals, Photography and Painting/Sculpture/New Media. As an exhibition, it features the individual accomplishments of each artist and designer, while also revealing something about the place in which their collective work has developed. One can find, throughout the exhibition, an engagement with place and community and a cross-disciplinary investigation of the world that reflects the breadth of research present in the School of Art + Design and at the University of Illinois. The works of these artists, designers, and educators reveal that the boundaries between the world of the studio/lab and the world of action are porous; we are confronted with both re ections of existing and past realities as well as worlds that have yet to be realized. The times ahead, as always, require both utopian plans and critical interventions. These graduates are well prepared to do both.
Ryan Griffis
Associate Director, Graduate Studies

MFA Class of 2016

Linya Huang (Industrial Design)
Zoe Lu (Industrial Design)
Clare Finin (Metals)
Jina Seo (Metals)
Sara Paige (Painting/Sculpture/New Media)
Angelo Ray Martínez (Painting/Sculpture/New Media)
James Wisdom (Painting/Sculpture/New Media)  
Jess Kiel-Wornson (Painting/Sculpture/New Media)
CJ McCarrick (Painting/Sculpture/New Media)
Eli Craven (Photography)

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