visitors series

The School of Art + Design Visitors Series is designed to give students access to a more immediate network of artists, designers and scholars more closely affiliated with the region or personally / professionally connected to the faculty and staff.

For a full listing of upcoming Vistors Series events, view the 2016-2017 flyer.

Visitors Series

Visitors Series funding provided by the School of Art + Design Visitors Committee.

Crossings Visitor Series

Crossings are physical, conceptual, and virtual places, constituted by movements and exchanges. They act as passageways from one place to another, or from one state of being to another. While crossings are often thought of as spatial orientations, to cross someone or something describes a more conceptual operation or transition—such as the desire to overcome social, material, or intellectual constraints. What does it mean to refuse to stay in one place or in one discipline, for example? What does work at the crossroads of different media and / or traditions look like? Alternatively, what does it mean to cross the boundary between the human and the non-human, or the real and the imaginary? “Crossings” challenges us to rethink our understanding of diverse practices in terms of the fundamental tensions between mobility / immobility, restriction / flexibility, and stasis / action.

Ed Zagorski Visitors Series

The Ed Zagorski Visitors Series was established by a group of alumni who were mentored by Ed Zagorski, professor emeritus of Industrial Design. The intent of the fund, by Ed’s design, is to bring national and internationally known artists, lecturers, and critics to campus to interact and share their knowledge and experience with all students within the College of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.