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The Clyde P. Davis Scholarship  and the John and Antoinette Rojc Scholarship provide financial support to incoming freshmen.

The Clyde P. Davis Scholarship provides four years of full-ride financial support to incoming freshmen from the greater Chicago area who have been accepted into the School of Art + Design. Mr. Davis received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Design from the University as a student between 1956 and 1960. While taking classes he also worked to support his wife and young family, leaving Illinois to seek opportunity in New York City. After years of hard work and initiative he founded and headed up the award-winning firm Cline, Davis & Mann, Inc. until his retirement in 2002. He chose to give back to his alma mater by establishing this scholarship so that other young, talented students from his home city could attend Illinois without the financial struggle that he experienced, and in hope of attracting the brightest and most talented students possible to the School of Art + Design at Illinois.

The John and Antoinette Rojc Scholarship provides financial support to incoming freshmen in the School of Art + Design in the amount of $5,000 per year for four years. The scholarship was established to honor Mr. and Mrs. Rojc’s dedication to the education of their five children, who all graduated from the University of Illinois between 1976 and 1984, and the proud realization of their American dream. John and Antoinette Rojc immigrated to Chicago from Central Europe: John from Slovenia in 1930 and Antoinette from the Moravian region of the Czech Republic in 1938. Mr. Rojc became a designer at Motorola during the earliest stages of the cell phone. His career spanned 35 years, during which he was recognized with multiple patents. Mrs. Rojc raised their five children in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, with devotion to the importance of education. She was honored as a finalist for the University of Illinois Mom of the Year award in 1981. The Rojcs’ perseverance was rewarded upon the graduation of each of their five children from the University of Illinois: Karl, BFA ’76, FAA; Kenneth, BA ’77, LAS; Kathleen, BFA ’78, FAA; Karen, BS ’82, COM; and Keith, BFA ’84, FAA. The Rojc Scholarship was established in 2016 in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Rojc by Kathleen Rojc Twardock and David Twardock, BS ’79, COE, and Kenneth Rojc.

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