The Test of Time, by 1990 Painting BFA alum, John E. Bannon.

The Test of Time, a commissioned sculpture created by 1990 Painting BFA alum, John E. Bannon, was recently dedicated at The Crossroads at Robinson Green at Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ. 

Bannon’s piece was created to inspire creative thought and encourage physical interaction. It features three separate overlapping bronze elements, which appear to float above the ground. 

The Test of Time was designed to complement the landscape and surrounding architecture, it adds to a sense of place within The Crossroads. Bannon noted "The openness of the composition, absence of a base, and low profile were executed to project a sense of approachability, and invite and encourage interaction." The sculpture is 21.5’ x 18.25’ x 5’ (6.6m x 5.6m x 1.5m). 

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