LED Campfire

ARTS 444 - Interaction II was featured in Postmarks magazine from University of Illinois Public Affairs.

Skot Wiedmann is an Art + Design instructor and an Electronics Technician in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The class is offered each spring semester.

“This whole class is about taking electrical engineering skills and applying them to interactive art processes,” said Wiedmann, who has been teaching the class since 2016.

The focus of the class shifts each year between coding and building electronic hardware, but both versions of the class explore light in some way. They start with students learning how – through either writing code or building a circuit – to make a light turn on, blink on and off, and blink in a particular sequence or pattern. Then they add sensors to allow interaction between the light and the environment.

The students learn how to change various phenomena through either writing code or changing the components on a circuit board, Wiedmann said. Their final projects must be interactive in some way.

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Photo by Skot Wiedmann