ninth letter awardStudents of Ninth Letter (ARTD 415) received the Applied Arts 2018 Student Award for Ninth Letter issues 15.1 and 14.2!

Jessica Badofsky, Vincent Chang, Erika Loret De Mola, Leah Fessler, Ozzie Gong, Brittany Heyen, Grant Johnson, Sohyun Kim, Emily Lynn, Karolina Malaczynski, Megan McCausland, Melvin Melendez, Juliany Nakazato, Rachel Pickus, Kathy Powell, Hinna Raja, Alyssa Vogt, Charlee Walker, Haley Walker, and Monica Wilner are recipients of the Applied Arts 2018 student award. Their work will be featured in the Fall 2018 Student Awards annual of Applied Arts, Canada‚Äôs authoritative voice on visual communications, with a readership of more than 46,000 creative professionals. 

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