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Congratulations to Art + Design Facilities!

The Art + Design Building has been selected as a 2018 Energy Conservation Incentive Program (ECIP) award recipient. Winning facilities each receive an award from $10,000 to over a $100,000 (based on their energy reduction) to spend on building or site improvements of their choice. Art + Design had a 19.9% improvement and will receive $37,816.

The provost established the Energy Conservation Incentive Program in 2013 to encourage campus energy conservation through behavioral change and building improvements. Buildings which reduce their energy use by the greatest percentage over the previous year receive financial awards for future facility improvement projects. The larger the reduction, the larger the award. 

Each year, eight campus buildings receive ECIP awards in two separate categories: occupant action and energy advancement, which reflects energy conserving building improvements. All state-supported campus buildings are automatically enrolled in the program, and winning does not disqualify buildings from future ECIP awards.