During the Spring 2020 semester, Industrial Design seniors Cheyenne Lam and Pragya Maheshwari competed in the White Space Product Development Challenge hosted by Northwestern University and the Product Development and Management Association.

The students noted: “We took on the challenge of redesigning an essential item of clothing that hasn't been thought about for decades—the bra. We deep dived into why the bra, often overlooked, is not a successful solution for all women. Inspired by Oxo's case study, we designed our concept keeping extreme users at the core of our design choices. It was truly a fantastic learning experience that gave us experience putting product design methodologies and patent research into use.”

The White Space Product Development Challenge is a midwestern interuniversity competition created to strengthen students’ knowledge of design methodologies in product development and provide opportunities to interact with companies and industry professionals. The competition promotes research and product development that identifies a real-world problem to solve. Learn more about the White Space Product Development Challenge.