Patrick Hammie is currently participating in the following online group exhibitions.


Madlozi Art Gallery
July 4–September 12, 2020
Curator: Beathur Mgoza Baker, director of the Madlozi Art Gallery; with Imraan Jeeva, cultural producer

In the wake of ongoing race-based police brutality, and the institutionally sanctioned killing of Black people, this project is a response from artists from Africa and across the Black and African Diaspora supporting social justice movements in the United States as a conscious intervention reclaiming and affirming Black bodies and lives universally. It’s curated as an intervention and dialogue across continents paying homage to Black bodies as sites of healing, resilience, resistance, and love—not public spectacle, trauma, and hatred.


Curating the End of the World

June 2020
Curators: Reynaldo Anderson, co-curator of the Live Ideas Humanities Festival; Tiffany E. Barber, scholar and critic; Stacey Robinson, graphic designer and illustrator

This digital exhibition is an Afrofuturist commentary on the end of our current age and “Cyclical Chaos,” interrogating the racist pathology and corruption that influence policy around the world. This multipart exhibition will look at the global existential risks tied to ecology, climate change, anti-blackness, medical apartheid, and responses to the dystopian present.