Deana McDonagh (Co-PI), Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler (PI), and William Norris (Co-PI) received a grant from the National Science Foundation: National Robotics Initiative for their four-year project entitled "MiaPURE (Modular, Interactive, and Adaptive Personalised Unique Rolling Experience).” The amount awarded was $1,499,539.

MiaPURE will establish a modular, interactive, and adaptive collaborative robot to provide a personalized unique rolling experience for each user. This embodiment creates an ideal ubiquitous collaborative human-robot relationship that seamlessly integrates this co-robot into the user's everyday life.

Empathic design research is at the heart of this project, which includes collaboration with Pat Malik and Jeannette Elliott at Disability Resources and Educational Services and Adam Bleakney, coach of the USA Paralympic track team. Read more about this new approach to wheelchair design.