Stamps Scholars are known for their industrious spirits, innovative approaches, and desire to improve the world around us. As society faces more complex challenges, the new Siebel Center for Design (SCD) looks to tackle problems through collaborative, interdisciplinary, human-centered design.

Stamps Scholars Kathleen Culligan (Industrial Design, 2022) and Max Chan (Industrial Design, 2022) are at the forefront of these efforts as SCD interns both working as part of a team on the Molecular Maker Lab project.

According to Kathleen, this new lab is revolutionary. “[The Molecular Maker Lab] allows for small molecule synthesis. Think of it like what a 3D printer does for engineering. It’s a new small molecule synthesizer machine for chemistry, and integration with artificial intelligence.”

Their roles within the SCD team provide an opportunity for Kathleen and Max to hone their communication, prototyping, and analogous research skills. “We are helping to make the lab really state of the art. So, we’ll be designing the website and looking at outreach to communities and schools to determine what the future lab space is going to look like,” says Kathleen.

Max appreciates being on the team with Kathleen. “[We’re] just trying to think about the experience of what a person would go through to have access to this and what would be the best way to introduce these concepts to them,” Max said.