Associate Professor & Chair of Art Education


Jorge Lucero is an artist who currently serves on the faculty of the School of Art + Design's Art Education program. He received his Master degree and PhD from The Pennsylvania State University and his undergraduate degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Lucero taught in the Chicago Public Schools for seven years prior to moving to higher education. He is K-12 art certified in the state of Illinois.


Lucero's current research is concerned with the intersection of contemporary art practices with distinctly pedagogical properties (e.g. conceptual art, performance art, participatory and socially engaged art) and how those modes of operation propose alternative approaches to making, learning, relationships, ethics, spirituality, generativity, and civic engagement. He is currently writing about how these educationally-reminiscent forms of contemporary art practice function as permissions for a teaching practice that is also a highly sophisticated art practice. Coming from a studio practice, Lucero's research has unfolded from a desire to understand the confluence between his research activities (sometimes identified as art) and his teaching persona.

Lucero’s teaching-as-art-practice has occurred at:

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Galeria Rompecabezas, Melrose Park, IL
The Terra Museum of American Art Depaul University
Links Hall Decatur High School, GA
McHenry County College The Hyde Park Art Center
Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education Reed College, OR
Gallery 400 The National Art Education Association Conference
Penn State University Pedastrian Project, Chicago
The Curriculum and Pedagogy Conference Harold Washington College
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago The American Education Research Association Conference
Teachers College, Columbia University, NY North Branch Projects, Chicago
The Chicago Arts Coalition The University of Northern Iowa
Figure One, Champaign, IL The Illinois Art Education Association Conference
Metro State University of Denver Roots and Culture, Chicago
FATE Conference, Savannah, GA OISE at the University of Toronto
Southside Hub of Production, Chicago Bergamo Conference, Dayton, OH
BYU, Provo, UT Beverly Art Center, Chicago
Northside College Prep. High School, Chicago Senn Arts High School, Chicago
Gallery 37, Chicago University of Georgia, Athens, GA
Evanston Art Center University of Cincinnnati
Syracuse University Garcia Squared Contemporary, Kansas City, MO
University of Northern Colorado, Greely Virginia Commonwealth University
Freeark Gallery, Riverside, IL Trinity Christian College
University of British Columbia Chicago Cultural Center
University of Illinois at Chicago Amsterdam University of the Arts
Domincan University, River Forest, IL.   Indiana University South Bend



Professor Lucero serves as the co-editor of the journal Visual Arts Research with Dr. Laura Hetrick and Dr. Tyler Denmead. The journal is published by the University of Illinois Press. From 2012-14 he served as the Instructional Resources Editor for the journal Art Education, under the Editorship of Dr. Robert Sweeney. Lucero sits on the review boards of the Journal of Social Theory in Art Education (JSTAE) and the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education (jCRAE). He is an assistant editor for the Journal of Curriulum and Pedagogy, published by Taylor and Francis. In 2016 Lucero served on the review board for the two-volume SAGE Handbook of Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment. 

Since 2007, Lucero has served on the advisory board of Chicago Arts Partnership in Education (CAPE). He is also an active board member of the non-for profit performance group Every house has a door, and the founder of the now inactive small zine press, FOR AND FROM OUTSIDERS PRESS.  Lucero has done art education consulting work for various school districts including the Chicago Public Schools, the Lake Zurich School District 95, and other arts education organizations including Ingenuity, INC., and the Sam Francis Foundation. 

Exhibitions that Lucero has participated in have been written about and covered in ArtForum; Sculpture; NewCity; the Chicago Tribune; the Sun-Times; Gaper's Block; DNAinfo, WTTW's Chicago Tonight;; and PBS Digital Studio

In early 2012 Lucero's dissertation Ways of Being: Conceptual Art Modes-of-Operation for Pedagogy as Contemporary Art Practice was selected as the runner-up for the National Art Educators Association's Elliot Eisner Doctoral Research Award in Art Education. In 2013 he won the Harlan Hoffa Dissertation Award in Art Education from Penn State University.


Teacher As Conceptual Artist at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (Audio)

Jorge Lucero Study Collection

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