Professor of Graphic Design

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Stan Ruecker is currently the Anthony J. Petullo Professor in Graphic Design, as well as a member of the Design Research Fellows. Their charge is to increase the profile of design research across campus.

Stan has held previous academic posts in English and Humanities Computing at the University of Alberta and at the Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design (aka the "New Bauhaus"), where he coordinated the oldest and largest design PhD program in North America.

He earned his interdisciplinary PhD in Canada at the University of Alberta, in the Departments of English and Art & Design, with a specialization in Humanities Computing. His previous degrees are a terminal MDes in Visual Communication Design, an MA in English, a BA in English, and BSc in Computer Science.

Stan's research for the past 20 years has focused on the future of reading, where his research teams have developed more than two dozen prototypes for use in what the Digital Humanities philosopher Stephen Ramsay calls "algorithmic criticism." These prototypes allowed researchers to experiment with various forms of interactive visualization for the humanities scholars who are interested in using advanced methods of text analysis for distant reading.

Stan is now looking at the role of prototypes in research, not only in addressing research questions, but also in developing them. He is also part of an international group developing new predictive models of key concepts for use by designers. Their current topic is how design can help encourage people to expand from holding opinions to making interpretations.

Finally, his teams are exploring physical interfaces for complex conceptual work, such as text analysis, modeling time, and designing experience.

He has co-authored 100 articles and delivered 150 presentations with over 230 different people across 21 disciplines and 16 countries.

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