Krys Harper

Educational Technology Specialist

Talk to me about our machines!

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I'm an experienced artist, educator, technical guide, organizer, and fabricator. I've never been a stranger to hard work, so I have developed a knack for experimenting with emergent technologies. I don't just learn new technology, though, I also help it grow! I recently finished fabricating a custom spring-loaded pen plotter hardware for our CNC to enable us to test 2D drawing on the machine with a variety of fine art media. From painting to illustration, it does it all! In 2018 I became a leading user for my facility's ProtoMax water-jet; tasked with training users and handling machine maintenance. I am the head of development for the UIUC Art+ Design virtual reality setup.


Fabrication tools I have experience with:
Shopbot CNC
Bellovac Vacuum former
Omax watejret
laser cutter
Next Engine and Skanect 3D scanners
Epson wide format printers
Rolland vinyl printer/cutter
Zortax, Statasys, and From-2 3D printers

Fabrication software I have experience with:
Adobe Suite
Fusion 360
Partworks 3D

On top of machine interaction, I also interact daily with students. I am expected to be able to guide them in their journey through both our digital and traditional fabrication labs. This task entails an ability to visualize a student's unique project and break down it's creation into understandable steps.

On the back-end of leading a laboratory, I am expected to make the shop ever more approachable to faculty and students. I achieve this by constantly organizing shop materials, creating signage, and leading training opportunities. Our training opportunities are micro teaching events where students or faculty are allowed to learn advanced technology under staff tutelage. I also perform outreach to other departments in our university to develop better learning practices for our students. These new practices become fodder for my training opportunities with faculty.