Susan Becker

Clinical Assistant Professor

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For the past twenty-five years she has designed for traditional and experimental settings, from the fashion industry to collaborations on stage, film, and site-specific projects. Recent collaborators include artists Deke Weaver and Jennifer Allen (Elephant, WOLF, BEAR & Tiger), Cynthia Oliver (Boom!, Virago-Man Dem, & Tether), and Jennifer Monson (Live Dancing Archive, bendtheeven, & ditch). Her work with Monson also includes investigations and performances with the collaborative in tow. 


In addition to her design work, Susan has a depth of teaching experience having developed art, design and fashion studies curriculum for a variety of programs, including the development of a fashion concentration here at the U of I. She has previously taught at Rhode Island School of Design, her alma mater,  and currently holds an Assistant Clinical Professor position in the School of Art Design, University of Illinois where she has taught since 2006.