Keenan Dailey


Fortune 500, Digital Painting, 36x31, May 6th 2018
Interests: Simulation Design, Afrofuturism, Lore Based Design, Tonal Exploration, Sensorial Design

Mahshid Farzinfar


Interests: Language Learning, Digital Interactive Media, User Interface Design, Animation, Game Design, 3D modeling

Carolina González Montemayor


BETSON | Branding, Web Design & Development, Packaging | 2018
Interests: UX/UI Design, Branding, Web Design, Social Media Advertising, Marketing

Brock Landrum


I Was Listening to Letterkenny While Attempting Arts-Works, Risograph Print, 2018
Interests: Ethical and Moral Frameworks for Systems Design, Design Pedagogy, Post Internet, Authenticity and Methods of Making.
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Rachel Melton


Lindell Street in Snow, Digital Illustration, 2018
Interests: Digital vs Print Process, Design History, Typography

Ana Rodas


The Con, Typographic Design, 2018
Every day I aspire to educate myself so that I can be the change I want to see in the world – to build a just environment and live a life of righteousness amidst the challenges of modern society. I am seeking to integrate design with social activism. I design to empower those that see themselves in my work, while at the same time educate the viewer. As I’ve come to know my personal values and identities, I’ve learned more about those who don’t share them. Through simple talking and listening I believe change can occur. This may not necessarily be a tangible change that you and I can see, but a spiritual one in their hearts and minds. I want my work to plant a seed in them, so that through their experiences and the spaces they frequent, this seed of truth and justice may grow. As a result, my efforts seek to create active and responsible leaders to thrive in a diverse world.

Miriam Salah


Honest Labels | Reductive Relief Print + Letterpress | Dec. 2017
Interests: My interests lie in the intersection of Food and Design. Using Design Methods in the advancement of food production and service.
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Natalie Smith


Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2017

Interests: Sustainable Agriculture and Social Justice

Zack Tucker


Reverie Network Interns (still), Online Experience, 2018
Interests: Belief Systems, Digital Rhetoric, Critical Design, Partisanship, Ethics, Agency & Affordances, New Media, Design Education
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