Informatics PhD Students

John Capozzo


Interests: Bioinformatics, precision agriculture, applied machine learning and ensemble methods, design thinking, geo-spatial analysis.
Thesis research: Using design principles in precision agriculture to facilitate communication with end users, increase user adoption, and ultimately enhance user trust of outcomes.

Gerry Derksen


Interests: Haptic interfaces, serious games, educational tools, experience design.

Priscilla Ferronato

My research interest is related to the relationship between design, technology, and society. In creating affordable, meaningful, and sustainable solutions to the problems we, as individuals and as a society, face on our daily basis. Therefore, I am researching a data visualization system for multiple interpretation support in design.

William Gillespie


Interests: Literary design, visualization of narrative, literary arts.

Claudia Grisales


Interests: Design, technology and society, sustainability, development, community science and technology.

Monica Porteanu


Interests: Decision-making for the regenerative society, using exploratory research-through-design, foresight, open data, and ethnography.
Conference presentations: June 2018 abstract: "The AR of Letting Go," Energizing Futures, Tampere, Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku; April 2018 poster: "Augmented Reality and Consumerist Behavior," Persuasive Technologies, University of Waterloo, Canada; March 2018 paper: "Validity beyond the Present," International Society for Professional Innovation Management, Boston
Blogging as Emerging Professional Futurist Fellow