Tutorial - Preparing Your Embroidery File for the Lab Assistant

Preparing Your Embroidery File for the Lab Assistant

When you are done editing your file, you will need to print out a job sheet to take to the Service Desk lab assistant.


1 In the Bernina software, go to the File menu and select Print.

Send your print to one of the color laser printers in 235. This is your design worksheet. The design worksheet tells the lab assistant how many total stitches are in your job as well as what thread colors you are requesting and in what order. 

The order of the thread colors is important. When you machine reads your embroidery file, the colors will not be translated correctly. The preview on the machine will show you incorrect thread colors, but they will still be in the correct order. You will need to make sure that you load the proper threads in the proper order as indicated by your job sheet. 

2 The Service Desk Lab Assistant will help you export your file for the machine and start the first thread color.  You will need to stick around and watch your job stitch in case there are any thread breaks or other jams that need your attention.  The machine will prompt you to load the next color when it has finished the first one.


Fig 1 - Sample Design Worksheet