Printing to Laser Printers

Before you begin: Work locally. Always start by moving your file to the desktop. Opening and printing files from a USB (or other) drive can create problems.


1 Navigate to File>Print. Select a printer from the Printer dropdown menu. Select one of the Xerox Printers.

(Tip: if you only want black and white output, select one of the "Mono" print queues and you will be charged the cheaper black and white rate)

2 Click the Page Setup button.

Select the printer you are using from the Format For dropdown menu.

In the Paper Size dropdown menu, select U.S. Letter for 8.5” x 11” or Tabloid for 11”x17”.

Click OK.

laser 01

Fig 1 - Page Setup Menu



Fig 2 - Printer... button

laser 03

Fig 3 - Show Details

3 Open the Print Menu.

Note: If printing from Adobe programs, click the Printer… or Print Settings or Setup... button to access the following settings. To see all options, click Show Details.


Printing double sided:

Select Xerox Features from the dropdown menu, and select the desired binding method from the 2-Sided Printing dropdown.

laser 04

Fig 4 - Xerox Features - Double-Sided Printing

laser 05

Fig 5 - Xerox Features - Cardstock

Printing to Cardstock/Heavyweight paper:

For the C8000, select Xerox Features from the dropdown menu. Select Paper > Other Type > Cardstock.



Printing from the Manual Feed Tray/Bypass Tray:

If you want to use Manual Feed/Bypass tray: Select Paper Feed from the dropdown menu. Select the Bypass Tray from the dropdown menu.

Select Xerox Features from the dropdown menu. Select the Paper > Other Color and Other Types dropdown menus, and select the closest description to your paper. Then choose the same settings on the printer when you are prompted after loading paper in the Manual Feed tray.

laser 06

Fig 6 - Manual Feed Printing 

4 Once all of your settings are set, click Print

laser 07

Fig 7 - Confirm and Print


5 When your document has reached Papercut, you will see a pop-up notification window.

Follow the Releasing Prints from Papercut instructions to release your print.

Remember to check the print cost before releasing the print – it can be a great indicator if something is wrong with the size of your print.

Screen Shot 2017 06 07 at 1.32.51 PM

Fig 8 - Papercut Notification