Printing to the Manual Feed Tray on the ColorQube

Before you begin: Work locally. Always start by moving your file to the desktop. Opening and printing files from a USB (or other) drive can create problems.


1 Navigate to File>Print. Select the Colorqube from the Printer dropdown menu.


Fig 1 - Printer Selection



Fig 2 - Custom Paper Sizes

2 Select the Colorqube from the Format For dropdown menu. In the Paper Size dropdown menu, select Manage Custom Sizes…


3 Click the + button to create a new custom size. Title it appropriately.

Set the Width and Height to the size of your document.

Set Top, Left, Right, and Bottom to “0”.

Note: If you have chosen to print your document with printer’s marks (trim, bleed, registration, etc.) add an additional 1/2” margin on all four sides to accommodate the marks. If you choose a paper size that doesn’t have extra margin for your marks, the printer will crop them out and not show the marks.


Fig 3 - Custom Paper Sizes 


4 Confirm that your new paper size is selected in the Paper Size dropdown menu and that your printer is selected in the Format For dropdown menu.

Click OK.


Fig 4 - Confirm paper size and settings 



Fig 5 - Printer... button


Fig 6 - Show Details

5 Open the Print Menu.

Note: If printing from Adobe programs, click the Printer… or Print Settings or Setup... button to access the following settings. To see all options, click Show Details.


Printing double sided:

Select Xerox Features from the dropdown menu, and select the desired binding method from the 2-Sided Printing dropdown.


Fig 7 - Double Sided - Xerox Features



Fig 8 - Heavyweight - Xerox Features

Printing to Heavyweight paper:

If your paper is heavyweight (heavier than 24#), select Xerox Features from the dropdown menu. Select Paper > Other Types > Heavyweight.


5 Select Paper Feed from the dropdown menu. Select the MANUAL FEED TRAY from the dropdown menu.

For manual feed paper on the ColorQube, you will also need to select an appropriate paper type and color (if applicable).

Select Xerox Features from the dropdown menu. Select the Paper > Other Color and Other Types dropdown menus, and select the closest description to your paper. Then choose the same settings on the printer when you are prompted after loading paper in the Manual Feed tray.


Fig 9 - Manual Feed Tray Selection


Fig 10 - Paper Color Selection


6 Once all of your settings are set, click Print

7 When your document has reached Papercut, you will see a pop-up notification window.

Follow the Releasing Prints from Papercut instructions to release your print.

Remember to check the print cost before releasing the print – it can be a great indicator if something is wrong with the size of your print.

Screen Shot 2017 06 07 at 1.32.51 PM

Fig 11 - Papercut Notification


IMG 3576

Fig 12 - Xerox CQ Touchscreen


Fig 13 - Paper Feed Orientation

8 After releasing your print you need to load your paper in the Manual Feed Tray

When you load your paper in Tray 4 (the Manual Feed Tray), it will prompt you to select your paper type on the touchscreen. The settings you choose for Size, Type and Color must EXACTLY match what you selected when you sent the job. Using the touchscreen, enter the same settings for Size, Type and Color that you selected in the Print menu.

When orienting your paper in the feed, the Length of the paper is the direction of the feed (see figure 10).

If the job is a custom size, choose Custom in the Size dropdown menu.

When prompted, us the arrow keys to select the Width and Length of your paper. Note: this should exactly match what you entered for the custom paper size in the Print menu as the Width and Height. The dimension the software calls “Length”, the printer calls “Height”.

Press Save.

On the Paper Settings touchscreen, press Confirm.

Your document should now print.

*If you need to change any of the settings, remove your paper, and place it in the manual tray again. It will prompt you for the Paper Settings again. If you need to check the settings from your document, press the “Job Status” button next to the touch screen, then click on your document, and then on Settings in the pop-up menu.