Tutorial – 360 Photos/Video with the Insta360 One X

Editing 360 Photos

By default, 360 photos come out in a flattened view and you can edit them in Photoshop or any other photo-editing software as you normally would. However, Photoshop has some helpful functions for viewing your photos as a 360 sphere while editing them. To view your image as a spherical panorama select 3D > Spherical Panorama > New Panorama From Selected Layers.

You can now make all of your standard edits that you would like to make. When you are done you can save it as a PSD if you are going to come back and make more edits, or you can select 3D > Spherical Panorama > Export Panorama to save out your file as a flattened image file again.

Some things you might want to look for to clean up in your photos.

  • The seams, where the images from the two lenses are stitched together. Sometimes there can be a slight exposure difference between the two lenses that needs to be blurred or smoothed over.
  • The nadir, the point straight down from your camera. You may be able to see your tripod or whatever was holding the camera. You can use the clone or bandaid tools to clean this up.

Editing 360 Video

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