Scanning Documents and Drawings with the Epson Flatbed Scanners (Reflective)

1 Open the Epson Scan software (in the Applications folder).

2 Place the document face side down on the scanning bed.

3 Make sure the white covering board is installed in the upper part of the scanner. 

4 For Mode choose Professional Mode.

5 For Document Type choose Reflective. Set your Image Type to 24-bit Color

6 Setting your resolution will depend on what you want to use the scan for. If the scan is only for e-mail and web usage a scan at 96 dpi should be sufficient. For a printed image the scan should be at a minimum of 300 dpi. If you are scanning to print at a larger size, select your dpi of your final print, and use the Target Size setting to indicate the size of your desired output.

7 Make sure the thumbnail box is unchecked and click Preview.

8 Drag a box around the area that you want to scan in the Preview window. The scanner will only scan the area you indicate.

9 When you have the area selected, click Scan.

10 A window will pop up askng where you want to save your files. Choose a location and file type for your scans. Click "Okay".