Welcome to the School of Art + Design!

Due to COVID-19, we are keeping our visits online for Summer 2021.

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About the School of Art + Design

 Our Majors (and Minors!)

When it comes to your degree, each of our majors and minors offer a variety of studio classes and professors who care about your growth as an artist and a designer. 

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Our Labs and Studios

Our state-of-the-art design and making facilities give you the space and tools you need to learn and create with a wide variety of processes and materials.

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Our Campus and Community

Recent surveys show that students love our School of Art + Design program, labs, and facilities, but also the fact that our Art + Design community (almost 700 students) is part of the larger University of Illinois campus (over 50,000 students). While exploring our campus, students enjoy free access to amazing sports facilities, join clubs with students who share their interests, take classes in tons of subjects, attend all kinds of cultural and sports events, and eagerly wait for the Siebel Center for Design to open in 2020.

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You can even take your education beyond campus with our study abroad programs. We also offer career services that help you find internships, work for startups, and begin a career or graduate school. Plus, our students can take elective classes outside their majors as their skills develop.

See and hear what our recent alumni have to say about their experiences in the School of Art + Design at the University of Illinois.

Last but not least: check out what our own students have said about the opportunities here in Art + Design at the University of Illinois.