For the fifth anniversary of the TAKEOVER the entire School of Art & Design community was invited to participate. For year 6, we wish to continue this tradition. The entire UIUC A&D community is invited to participate.

Faculty contact: Jorge Lucero


Details for Participation


  • Everyone in the School of Art & Design community can participate, from first-year undergraduate students to faculty and staff.


  • TAKEOVER 6 will take place on March 22, 2024 starting at 5:30pm until 8pm, in the entire A&D building and its grounds.
  • Installation of the TAKEOVER 6 will occur all day on March 21, 2023, except for the Link Gallery where installation will pause after 3pm for the Charlene Teeters reception. [NO INSTALLATION IN THE LINK GALLERY BETWEEN 3pm]. Installation spaces are on a first-come, first serve basis.
  • Deinstallation of the TAKEOVER 6 can begin at 8pm on March 22, 2024 and should be done by the next day March 23, 2024 at noon.


  • Your creative practices. For students this is not limited to the work you have done in your classes or studios, although showing class work is not prohibited. You can show as much work as you like as long as you are mindful of other people’s space needs. Work it out in conversation with each other.
  • You are responsible for providing your own installation materials. Please make sure that any hanging products that are used are suitable for leaving no trace of being used, except for tack boards that are typically used for installing of artwork. If you have doubts about the suitability of a kind of tape, adhesive, surface, or other installation product or apparatus, PLEASE ASK. We can help you. Some pedestals are available for use in the Link Gallery. If you take one of these to another part of the building, you are responsible for putting it back where you got it. Please do not drag these pedestals on the floor; they will leave a mark.
  • A special note for first-year students (although anyone can use it as a guide): As you have discovered in the Art, Design, and Society course your creative practice can involve the objects and events you make, the designs you conceptualize, the research and scholarship you produce, and the teaching you do.  So yes, you’re going to have an exhibition that celebrates your achievements during your first year, but it is actually so much more! Although we are encouraging you to show the excellent work you’ve done in your classes this first year, we’re equally interested in you showing the artists, designers, scholars, and teachers that you’re developing into (in and out of school). The “things” you will put on exhibit at this show can be art objects, but you don’t need to feel compelled to only show the work that you’ve made in your classes or as part of your majors. The work you’ve done during your schooling in this past year is integral to how you make art and enact design in every aspect of your existence. So, if there is something you’ve made (or want to make) that more accurately shows us YOU, then go for it!
  • Things that you might consider showing or making for the exhibition: Videos, performances (individual or group), printouts of your designs, maquettes or models, works-in-progress, installations, sculptures, group projects; series or singular examples of drawings, paintings, photographs, sketchbooks, digital works, jewelry or other body ornaments, plans, manifestos, lesson plans, sound works, wearable art, durational performances, readings, civically engaged works, projections on unusual surfaces in the building, writing samples, collections or piles of things that represent the objective of the show, etc.
  • We’re all making one gigantic art show that takes over the entire Art + Design Building, grounds, and the Link Gallery. One gargantuan art extravaganza as a demonstration of how we are one School made up of many different vibrant parts.


  • Everywhere. Takeover the School. Installation is on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Dibs on the Link and Block Galleries are being given to the First-Year Students, although many of them will show in other parts of the A&D building. After the first day of installation, available spaces in the Link and Block Galleries will be opened up to other participants.
  • When considering where to install take a walk around the A&D building look at “installation” spaces that perhaps you hadn’t considered. The important thing to remember is to try to be as adventurous/ambitious as you can be with your participation in the show without leaving a trace of yourself on the building after the show is over. So, for example, if you decide that you want to hang an installation in one of the stairwells or that you want to show some of your work in the middle of one of the hallways you would need to install it in a way that leaves no evidence of it having existed after April 1. In other words, don’t do anything that will damage the site of your installation and clean up after yourself when you’re done. All this being said, we want you to dream/think big. Think of the thing you want to do as if there were no limitations. Our plan is to have a YES attitude about whatever you’re thinking. If you have concerns about what you’re doing, contact professor Jorge Lucero at jlucero@illinois.edu and he (and his crew) will work with you to imagine it in a way that is both safe and mindful of our facilities.
  • Exhibition spaces could be the Link Gallery, the first floor hallway, the Block Gallery, the second floor hallway, various classrooms and studios, the Basement gallery, the third floor hallway, all the stairwells, the bathrooms, that little space in-between the Link and Art + Design, outside spaces around A&D.  You might think about “spaces” you may have never considered. Is the corner of a room an installation site? Can a professor’s office become a site for your installation? (You’d have to ask!) Can you project onto the windows of the building? What about the outside spaces? Can YOU or YOUR body be the site of the artwork? Can you put an artwork on a cart and push it around for people to look at it during the opening? What about the parking lot? What about the computer labs? What about the elevator? What can you imagine?


  • Let us know you want to participate by simply filling out this easy form: PARTICIPATE!!
  • Invite all your people for the celebration on March 22, 2024 starting at 5:30pm. THERE WILL BE TACOS.
  • Ask questions if you need to in preparation for your participation.
  • Install your work on Thursday, March 21 and Friday morning March 22 according to the parameters detailed above.
  • Celebrate!! Take pictures, post them and use the hashtag #UIUCtakeover23
  • Deinstall and leave no trace by March 23, 2024 at noon.
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