BFA/BA Exhibition Participation Guidelines

2024 BFA/BA Exhibition

The BFA Exhibition Committee is currently organizing the 2024 BFA Exhibition, which will consist of a physical exhibition at the Krannert Art Museum, an online exhibition, and a printed catalog showcasing students from every A+D undergrad program. These exhibition opportunities celebrate the culmination of the student journey, share creative accomplishments with the larger community, and represent the School of Art & Design’s excellence. This occasion will be respectfully and effectively produced through the following guidelines and deadlines.

The following was constructed with the broadest audience in mind. If special accommodations are needed, please contact your capstone faculty or BFA Exhibition chair Luke Batten (

BA students will following the same submission due dates and exhibition timelines below, and be included in the catalog and online exhibition. The physical BA Exhibition will be installed in the Krannert Art Museum with BFA students.



Students may submit up to three (3) images for the BFA/BA catalog. The catalog designers will select one image for inclusion.

Images should be print-ready quality:

  • TIFF file format
  • 300DPI
  • 2500 x 1800 (minimum) pixel dimensions
  • CMYK colorspace

BFA/BA Catalog Timeline:

11/20 – Catalog Submission form goes live

12/20 – Deadline for submission to the catalog



Students who wish to exhibit in the BFA/BA Exhibition at Krannert Art Museum and Online Exhibition need to be aware of the following timeline:

4/3    Submission form for KAM information and Online Exhibition (includes final project image/information with requests of fixtures/technology, as well as submission of gallery images for online exhibition) goes live at

  • Requirements, file guidelines, and specific instructions for Online Exhibition are available here.

4/14    Deadline for submitting KAM information and Online Exhibition form

4/25-4/26    Delivery of work to KAM

4/29-5/3   Exhibition installation

5/4     BFA/BA Exhibition opens

5/10 – Online Exhibition goes live at

5/12    Graduation reception. Work may be picked up from KAM 4:30-5:00 pm by prior arrangement

5/13    Exhibition take-down and pick-up of work. Work exhibited in the Krannert Art Museum can be picked up from the loading dock on Monday, May 13 from 9:30am-12pm. Work in other spaces can be retrieved before 5 pm on Monday, May 13.


Monday, April 14


The final project image and any requests for vitrines, pedestals, or electronic needs from the checkout window should be uploaded to the BFA/BA Exhibition Artist/Designer KAM Information form. This can be a different image than the catalog submission. We will use this information to create a checklist, labels, and select images for promotion. The project does not need to be completed, but if the submitted project image and delivered project are not the same, the project may not be included in the show. Images should be 300 dpi, .jpg/.pdf/png files only, maximum file size 15M.

Upon completion of the BFA/BA Exhibition Artist/Designer KAM Information form, exhibitors will be provided with a link to the Online Exhibition Form. Students who wish to be represented on the BFA/BA Exhibition Website need to submit their information and up to 10 gallery items including images, videos, coding, PDFs, or external websites. Requirements, file guidelines, and specific instructions are available here. Artist/Designer statements must be proofread by a faculty member before submitting.

Thursday and Friday, April 25 and 26


Delivery of work is available through the KAM loading dock only since the work will go directly into the East Gallery. Projects will be delivered as a class to a check-in station in the East Gallery during the capstone’s regular meeting time. If these times do not coordinate with class meetings, a scheduled time can be arranged through the BFA Committee.


Monday, April 29 – Friday, May 3


If your work requires you to be in the space to install, please make arrangements.


Saturday, May 4


Opening reception 4:00-6:00 pm. Krannert Art Museum is closed on Sundays and Mondays. The BFA/BA Exhibitions will be open for viewing May 4-11.


May 12

Convocation Reception in Link Gallery 2:30-4:30 pm. The BFA/BA Exhibitions will be open during the reception. Work may be picked up from KAM 4:30-5:00 pm by prior arrangement.


May 13


BFA students will pick up their projects from KAM and sign the pick-up sheet. Work must be taken out through the loading dock, not carried through the galleries.


  1. Students may present one project at any scale. Projects that incorporate a series may be configured salon style or otherwise consolidated.
  2. Floor space for sculptures or installations is typically in ample supply.
  3. Double majors may submit one project for each major for the KAM exhibition.



  1. All work must be equipped to hang, mount, and screen before delivery to KAM. Work not properly prepared may not be shown.
  2. Reservation requests for hardware/electronic needs will be coordinated through the Show Entry Form link. These requests will be compiled into a final list for the School’s Check-out Window. If you discover you need any additional equipment after the submission deadline, you will need to contact Luke Batten. This includes: computers, iPads, monitors, etc. No interactive exhibits involving touch are allowed because of COVID-19 precautions.
  3. Videos files must be in MP4/.h264 format, at appropriate resolution, and submitted on a USB drive.
  4. Content being displayed on an iPad must be preloaded onto the iPad before delivery to KAM. Students can check out iPads from the School’s Check-out Window. This can only be used for non-interactive display content.
  5. Video and text-based works should consider ADA Guidelines. Detailed guidelines can be found in the Smithsonian Guidelines for Accessible Exhibition Design pdf available online.



  1. Capstone courses will deliver the projects of participating seniors to a check-in station on Thursday, April 27 or Friday, April 28, during the capstone’s regular meeting time. Please contact Luke Batten ( if alternative arrangements are needed.
  2. The BFA Exhibition Chairs and committee members will supervise the spotting of projects for the show.
  3. KAM Staff and the Student and Faculty BFA Exhibition Committee members will install the work. Exceptions will be made for unconventional installation for which the student must be present.




ADA guidelines include captions on videos. KAM staff will assist with spacing fixtures according to ADA rules. Artwork should not sit directly on the floor. When shelves or fixtures are against the walls, the color of the fixture/shelf needs to contrast with the wall color.

  • No weapons
  • No plants or organic materials, which bring bugs into the museum
  • No food
  • No painting the walls (walls are currently white)
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