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Welcome to the School of Art & Design! We put together a few links and resources that we think might be helpful as you figure out how to navigate our Labs & Facilities.

Building, Classroom, and Lab Access

Access to Art & Design, Flagg, Noble, and Architecture outside of normal building hours is by cardswipe, utilizing your I-Card. You can pick up an I-card at the Illini Union Bookstore on Wright St (https://icard.uillinois.edu/public/urbana-idc.cfm). After you get your I-Card, please contact facilities staff using the Access Support form, so they can make sure that your access is updated. Many of our classrooms and labs are also accessible with your I-Card. If you teach in a classroom that has a keyed entrance, please contact Chris Bonner, and he will supply you with a key to your classroom.

If you need to reserve a classroom or space other than the one that your regular classroom, you can make that reservation through the School’s Checkout Window.

To find out more about Student Access, we recommend looking through the Access & Training portion of the A&D website. There, you will find extensive information about how students obtain access, the Facilities Fee, and the training required to access specific labs and resources. There is also a short video on that page that can be helpful in orienting your students to the labs. If you have specific questions about access or the facilities available to your classes, please contact facilities staff using the Access Support form.


Printing from your personal device to the office printers, will likely take some set-up with IT. You can contact IT Support using the MITS help form.

If you need or want to print in the School’s student lab, there are tutorials for using many of the devices (including the large format printers) at https://go.illinois.edu/artTutorials. Students are billed directly to their student accounts when they print in the lab. Since Faculty & Staff don’t have student accounts, they have to pre-deposit funds in their print accounts from either personal or research funds. To deposit funds in your account visit: https://go.illinois.edu/artPrintDeposit,

3D Fabrication Labs and Spaces

The School has several options when it comes to 3D Fabrication – some spaces are specifically student labs, others are dedicated to faculty use. Contact Mike Collins to arrange for an Orientation for your students (so that they may obtain 3D Fab Lab access), or to consult with him about the best space to utilize for your research.

  • Art & Design Shops – Room 12, 20, 32
    • This is primarily a student shop. The shop maintains staffed open hours during the semester while classes are in session.
  • Flagg Hall Shop – Room 38
    • This shop is available to students and faculty. There are not currently any scheduled open hours, but it is available by appointment for class use during the semester. Contact Mike Collins for more information.
    • Grad students and faculty may request 24/7 365 access to this shop. Contact Mike Collins for a procedures and policies orientation in order to have your I-Card activated.
  • Noble Hall Shop – Room 110
    • This is a dedicated faculty shop. Contact Chris Bonner to get a key.
  • South Studios Grad Shop – Building 2
    • This is a dedicated graduate student shop.
  • Art & Design 39 finishing room, 40, Flagg 50, 127 spray booth
    • These spaces are all available 24/7 365 to faculty

Additional Fabrication Options


All UIUC students/staff/faculty have free access to the Adobe Suite. To activate your account, or renew access, one needs to go to the Webstore and “buy” it for $0 on an annual basis.

Using Classroom AV

The classroom AV setups are classified as either an AV-Setup (instructor computer, switcher/scaler, projector), or an AV-Lite Setup (smaller switch with a laptop hookup and projector). There are instructions available for using both setups:

Tutorial – Classroom AV

Tutorial – Classroom AV-Lite

Faculty Access to Facilities During Breaks

Summer and Winter breaks are times when many facilities are updated, renovated, cleaned, repaired, and restocked, and new equipment is tested and researched. Undergraduate students do not have access to A&D facilities during breaks. 

We cannot always guarantee that any given resource will be available at any given time. If you are unsure about what is available, it is always best to contact facilities staff ahead of time to confirm. 

That said, most spaces that you have 24/7 access to during the semester, you will continue to have access to over the summer. 

  • Digital Labs
    • 24/7 access continues over breaks for faculty and graduate students. The facilities staff makes their best efforts to keep some computers in the digital labs functional and available at any given time, however, there are sometimes limitations as new equipment is installed and Tech Services performs updates.
    • The large format printers in 235A continue on their automated schedules for the semester open hours of the Digital Output Lab. However, there are no lab assistants scheduled in the labs to assist you or replace paper/ink in the printers. If you need to utilize equipment in the Digital Output Lab over breaks, it is best to contact Kiley Reed Black and Will Arnold to make sure it is available ahead of time.
  • Service Desk
    • If you would like to utilize the laser cutter, Roland vinyl printer/cutter, or Graphtec vinyl cutter during breaks. Please contact Kiley Reed Black and Will Arnold to schedule a time. This equipment may not be available at all times, and the volume of output may be limited by staff availability.
  • Checkout Window
    • If you would like to utilize equipment or spaces managed through the Checkout Window, please contact Kiley Reed Black and Will Arnold to schedule times for pickup and drop off.
  • 3D Fabrication Labs
    • 24/7 access to the faculty shops in Noble and South Studios as well as the shop in Flagg Hall 38 continues. Contact Mike Collins if you have any questions or concerns. 
    • Summer CNC router and Waterjet output requests must be made by May 15th for consideration and are subject to voluntary participation of staff through a service in excess agreement arranged a minimum of 30 days prior to the service. 

Purchasing and Fees

For more detailed information about purchasing, please contact Jenell Hardy and Yunling Man. More information is also available on the Resources for Faculty and Staff page. 

Local Suppliers 

  • DO It Best Hardware – General Hardware Store – 107 W Springfield Ave, Champaign 
  • Armstrong Lumber – 1705 E University Ave, Urbana (delivers for $10) 
  • CU Woodshop Supply – 1305 N Mckinley Ave, Champaign 
  • Art Coop – Art Supply Store – 150 Lincoln Square, Urbana 
  • Blackline Supply – Prototyping and laser cutting supplies and materials – 809 S 5th St, Champaign 

Materials Fees vs. Facilities Fees 

Materials Fees are associated with a specific course and are to be used by the instructor to purchase supplies for use in that semester. These fees are automatically charged by campus at the start of the semester. 

Facilities Fees are charged once per semester to any student registered in an Art & Design class that utilizes the facilities. These fees are used by Art & Design Facilities Staff to purchase supplies and equipment used by all Art & Design students. Even if a student is registered in multiple classes with the facilities fee, they are only charged once per semester.  

The Facilities Fee is what grants students access to the Art & Design Facilities (including the Computer Labs, Checkout Window, 3D Fabrication Lab (with training) and any other specialty lab required by their course enrollment). If your class does not have the facilities fee attached to it, your students may or may not have access to the Art & Design Facilities depending on their other course enrollment. If any of your course projects require the use of Art & Design Facilities, the course should have the facilities fee attached. Students may request Facilities access independently. Please contact David Akins if you have any questions about the Facilities Fee. 

Facilities Staff

David Akins, Facilities Director
Manages, coordinates, and oversees all Art & Design buildings, offices, laboratories, classrooms, technology, and equipment

Will Arnold, Technology Integration Specialist
Manages checkout window | Manages computer labs and digital 3D and 2D output | Manages shooting studios and darkrooms | Card swipe door access | Classroom AV

Chris Bonner, Jr., Facilities Manager
Key distribution | Shipping and receiving | Access to First Floor A&D display cases and Link Gallery

Michael Collins, Fabrication Lab Coordinator
Manages the 3D labs in Art and Design and Flagg Hall | Administers safety orientations for incoming students | Maintains and supports Flagg studios |Administers and maintains woodworking, metalworking, casting, fabrication, and computer-controlled machining and output devices

Nick Mullins, Fabrication Technology Specialist
Maintains and supports south studios (ceramics, graduate studios, critique space) | Maintains and supports Ceramics laboratories | Maintains and supports Noble ink lab | Maintains and supports Textile lab | Assists students with machine shop tools, wood-working equipment

Kiley Reed Black, Technology Integration Specialist
Manages checkout window | Manages computer labs and digital 3D and 2D output | Manages shooting studios and darkrooms | Card swipe door access | Classroom AV

Questions? Issues?

The quickest way to contact someone is by submitting the appropriate support form 

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