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Materials & Pricing

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Access & Training

Everyone with Art & Design Facilities Access can utilize the Laser Cutter

Laser Cutter Pricing

The standard rate for the Laser Cutter is a $2.50 setup fee per file plus $.20 per minute of cutting plus the cost of the materials shown in the table below.

We stock a number of common materials, but patrons are welcome to bring in their own materials if they are safe to cut on the Laser Cutter. See the Laser Cutter Guide on the Tutorials & Templates page for more details on what is and isn’t safe to cut.  Patron will only be charged the setup and cut-time fees if they provide their own material. The School of Art & Design is not responsible for damage done to materials provided by the patron.

Laser Cutter Stocked Materials & Pricing

The cost of materials is added to the setup fee and cost per minute described above. Please note, we do our best to keep all materials stocked, but do not guarantee that all materials will be available in any given quantity at any given time. Unless otherwise noted, all materials are available in 18"x24" pieces.

Material Price
1/8″ Basswood (only available in 4″x24″ strips, all parts must fit on 4″x24″) $5.50/sq ft.
1/8″ Plywood $3.50/sq ft.
1/4″ Plywood * $4.50/sq ft.
1/16″ Acrylic (Clear) $5.25/sq ft.
1/8″ Acrylic (Clear) $6.00/sq ft.
1/4″ Acrylic (Clear) $10.50/sq ft.
1/8″ Acrylic (White) $6.00/sq ft.
Foam Core $1.25/sq ft.
Cardboard $1.00/sq ft
Chipboard $0.50/sq ft.


* prices quoted above are student rates. Faculty/research printing is charged at 1.5x

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