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Students selecting the Art & Design Minor do not necessarily wish to pursue a career as a practicing artist or designer but do want the chance to work creatively in the visual arts and design and develop related skills.

Students must meet the following course requirements for a total of 18 hours:

Distribution of Courses

  • a minimum of 2 courses from the academic course menu
  • one academic course must be chosen from the following: ARTH 110, ART 100, or ART 140
  • a minimum of 3 courses from the studio course menu
  • at least 1 additional course in either an academic or studio course
  • a minimum of 6 hours must be completed at the 300 or 400 level

6-9 hours | Sample Approved Academic Courses

  • ART 100 – Understanding Visual Culture
  • ART 140 – Introduction to Art
  • ARTH 211 – Design History Survey
  • ARTE 260 – Museums in Action
  • ARTE 475 – Museum and Exhibition Practice
  • ARTE 480 – Popular Visual Culture
  • ARTF 401 – Art + Design Matters

9-12 hours | Sample Approved Studio Courses

  • ART 102 – Drawing for Non-Majors
  • ART 103 – Painting for Non-Majors
  • ART 104 – Sculpture for Non-Majors
  • ARTD 209 – Chado (The Way of Tea)
  • ARTD 260 – Basic Photography
  • ARTD 261 – Photography II
  • ARTS 210 – Ceramics Sculpture I
  • ARTS 230 – Jewelry/Metals I
  • ARTS 231 – Jewelry/Metals II
  • ARTS 280 – Sculpture I
  • ARTS 281 – Sculpture II
  • ARTS 299 – Special Topics in Studio Art


Students will be required to have passed one of the approved courses for non-majors (ART 102-104, 140) for entry into the Minor. The curricular structure offers a “menu” of approved courses, many of which have no prerequisites. Some upper level studio courses do carry prerequisites for other courses on the approved list. There are numerous upper level art history courses with no prerequisites. The Minor Advisor will work with students to identify upper level courses of interest and to integrate prerequisites as a part of their program of study in the Minor.

Art & Design Minor Advisor

Application Process

All applicants for admission to the Minor are required to submit three items to Professor Guen Montgomery:

  • One-page personal essay that explains your interest in art and design and your goals and motivation for pursuing the Art and Design Minor
  • Completed Statement of Intent to Pursue a Campus-Approved Minor (available as a .pdf below)
  • Current copy of your DARS report

Students who wish to substitute a course or cancel their minor should complete the Minor’s Modification Form (available as a .pdf below).

Professor Montgomery will review your application. If accepted, she’ll sign your form and return it to you; then you should submit it to your own College’s office.

Additional information about declaring a minor is available from the Office of the Provost.

Ready to Get Started?

Reach out to Professor Montgomery at to ask questions or submit your application.

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