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Students in the BASA and BFASA who choose the concentration in Painting pursue a course of study that begins with rigorous instruction in traditional drawing and painting materials, methods, techniques, and concepts, and proceeds to encourage a diversity of experimental and multi-disciplinary approaches to painting as a field with a complex and culturally influential history. Students are guided in the understanding of mark-making, color theory, composition, pictorial analysis, and visual perception as they develop their individual interests. At the advanced levels, students may choose to focus on Painting as a distinct genre with an important place in contemporary art, or to explore the expanding set of drawing- and painting-related practices, such as comix and graphic novels, character development, and 2D public and community-based art, among other topics, both established and developing. Specialized courses taught by Painting faculty, as well as electives across the School of Art and Design and across campus, permit students to enrich their educational experiences, seek out knowledge and expertise in a vast variety of fields, and develop their unique artistic identities and vision.

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